Felice & Fight Puppies


 Litter Included 1 Male & 3 Females 

DOB: 3/5/2019

 Dam: V (BSZS) Felice vom Schloss Rugland IPO2 kk1a

Sire: VA2 2xV13(BSZS) Fight vom Holtkamper Hof IPO3 KK1A

Available Puppy: Purple Female

(Pictured Above - Previously Sold Litter)



Purple Female "Zeta vom Nobleheim"



Black Male -  pictured at 8 weeks old




Tan Female (Long Coat) pictured 8 weeks old



Grey Female

V (BSZS) Felice vom Schloss Rugland IPO2 kk1a


Sire: Leo von der Zenteiche IPO3


Dam: Ronja vom Schlob Rugland 


For additional stats click the link below:

Felice in Action

USCA Sieger show 2017

Photos courtesy of Brian Aghajani Photography

VA2 2xV13(BSZS) Fight vom Holtkamper Hof IPO3 KK1A




  Sire: SCHH3 VA Peik vom Holtkamper Hof VA8 SCHH3 KKL1




  Dam: SCHH3 V Liselotte vom Holtkamper Hof V73 SCHH3 KKL

SCHH3 VA Ilbo vom Holtkamper See VA2 VA4 IPO3 KKL




 SCHH3 V Roma vom Holtkamper See KKL




 SCHH2 V Eddy vom Holtkamper See KKL

SCHH2 V Nala vom 

Holtkamper Hof V93 KKL

Fight vom Holtkamper Hof is a top quality male based out of Germany.  This incredible male was ranked VA2 at the USA Sieger 2017, V13 at the German Sieger show in 2015 & 2016 with countless V1 victories Fight also holds working titles in IPO3 and Breed Survey KKL.  Fight is just as powerful as his name inflects.  He is a powerhouse in sport with flawless Obedience & Protection, flashy movement in the ring and a strong presence.  Fight is a large boned male with rich pigmentation, well structured head and dark mask.  Fight’s temperament is a dream; this guy really loves to work and is great with the family. 

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