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  Sire: SCHH3 VA2 Nino von Tronje




 SCHH3 V17 Irok Karanberg




 SCHH2 VA5(B) Nadja von





  Dam: SCHH1 V1 Pumpkin

  zum Kolbenguss




 SCHH3 V10 Yanox von






 SCHH1 V Juma zum


Vater/father: Nino von Tronje

Mutter/mother: Pumpkin zum Kolbenguss

Judge's Breed Survey Report:


Over medium sized, medium strong, powerful and very tipy male with correct body proportions. Well formed expressive head with correct ears. Good whithers, straight and firm back, good croup. Very correct angulations front and back. Correct developed chest and under-chest. Straight front lines, correct in coming and going, tight elbows and firm hocks. Harmonious movement with powerful and gaining gaits. Pronounced and out.



Special highlights: male in perfect size and strength with very good expression and correct anatomy.

Schauergebnisse/show record:


D. Oeser, Hainstadt (18-24) - SG 1

M. v. Dorssen, Oberes Edertal (18-24) - SG 1

A. Rudolph, Dresden (18-24) - SG 2

H. Buß, LGZ Saarland (18-24) - SG 5

H. Buß, LGZ Kassel (18-24) - SG 19

Picture courtesy of Brian Aghajani Photography

"Father and Son"

Picture courtesy of Brian Aghajani Photography