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Bred Survey: (judge's critique)


Big, strong, very type fully and tired of pigmentation. Strong head and strong character, very good lines, excellent Angulations, outreach breast conditions, just front. He shows just acting powerful and expansive


Course. Engineering TSB sure, pronounced.


V. full of type and character-strong dog with very good pigmentation and very good overall appearance.


VI. particularly suitable for improving type, pigment, bone strength and character.

In great appreciation to Bernhard Prem for trusting us with this fantastic male – At stud to approved females


Test: Degenerative Myelopathy   Results: Homozygous N/N, Clear





  Sire: SCHH3 V1 Tex vom





  Dam: SCHH1 V1 Alexa vom

  haus Pekrahn




 SCHH3 V1 Norik dei Colli





 SCHH1 V1 Maxi vom

 Kelbinger SchloB




 SCHH3 V1 Erik vom






 SCHH1 V1 Lena vom haus