Adult Females for Sale


There is ONE adult trained female for sale at this time. 


Yeti vom Nobleheim

Sire: V Team Marlboro Hilton II IPO3

Dam: V Tina vom Welsetal IPO1

DOB is January 9, 2019.

Yeti is a wonderful outgoing girl and very social with other dogs of her size and opposite sex.   She is very athletic and loves to play ball.   Yeti would be best in a home with older children as she is a big girl and may knock small children down in play.   She is crate trained and loves being with people.   An experienced home that has had shepherds before is our preference.   Yeti is DM negative and will need to be spayed.  

Yeti vom Nobleheim
Yeti vom Nobleheim

With over 30 years of experience in German Shepherd breeding, a collection of amazing pedigrees and expert training, each of Nobleheim Kennel’s adult female German Shepherds has the ideal environment to grow into a champion competitor, loving companion, or loyal service dog. Each of our beautiful females possess strong bloodlines from her German ancestors that she may pass on to her puppies and the fantastic temperament, commitment and intelligence we have come to love of all our dogs. 


If you are seeking a companion for your male German Shepherd pet, as well as a loving dog to bring into your home, our AKC-certified German Shepherd females will make the perfect addition. Their training, socialization, and impeccable health also makes them ideal candidates for the show ring or schutzhund competition. No matter what you are seeking your German Shepherd female, we are happy to help you find the perfect fit with a handsome, healthy and loving dog.


Contact Nobleheim Kennels for trained adult female German Shepherd dogs for sale. Visit our site for more information.


SOLD -- Micah vom Nobleheim


Professional obedience trained, excellent house manners, very well socialized spayed female. Would make an excellent family companion protection dog.




  Sire: SCHH3 kk1a V Karat

  von der Flagge




 SCHH3 V17 Irok Karanberg




 SCHH1 Elfe vom





  Dam: SCHH1 VA1 Ober von





 SCHH3 V1 Vico vom






 SCHH1 V Candy vom


SOLD -- V Wasabi vom Kolbengus IPO 1 (VA1 Ober Bad-Boll daughter)




  Sire: SCHH3 VA1 Ober von





 (BSZS) Gioanni vom



 (BSZS) Aike zum





  Dam: SCHH1 V 1 Lil' Kim

  zum Kolbenguss




 SCHH3 VA1 Zamp vom






 SCHH1 V Helen zum


SOLD -- SG Margman Xena IPO2 Kkl


Three year old very active female; great in the home and with children.  Xena needs an active lifestyle with a lot of family time.  She is a wonderful outgoing female you can take anywhere!  Please email me at for more information about this beautiful GSD. 




  Sire: IPO3 SG5 VA5 (CH) Gordon du Clos de Patmisand





 SCHH3 VA Atos aus Agrigento 




 IPO1 V Ewa du Clos de Patmisand



 SCHH3 VA4 (CN) Vanos van Noort SCHH3





 5XVA, EST CH, EST W11 Margman Quicken IPO3, SCHH2, RH-FL B, PJK3, KK-3 




  Sire: IPO1 VA1 (EST) Margman Wiezel



SG Roska Feetback IPO1


Sire: VA(EST+FIN+LT) Pepe vom Kuckucksland IPO3 


Dam: V Unka Feetback IPO1


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Trained Adult Female For Sale

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