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What to Feed

Natural, Wholesome Ingredients are the Right Diet to Feed Your German Shepherd

A bad diet for your German Shepherd dog could have disastrous consequences which may manifest itself as diarrhea, increased flatulence, a dull hair coat as well as sporadic vomiting and prolonged scratching. Some commercial pet foods that do not contain the right diet for the German Shepherd may result in such consequences. German Shepherd care requires that food containing only natural and wholesome ingredients with plenty of nutritional value containing vitamins, minerals, fats as well as fatty acids are essential and promote better health.

Feeding Pets Is a Multi-Million Dollar Business

Making sure that your German Shepherd has a right diet can be hard as it may not be the primary focus of the pet nutrition industry. Bottom lines dictate what they produce and it is a huge business in which there is plenty of hype and false claims that one has to contend with. Consumers are easily duped by clever advertising and one can never be too careful about what the German Shepherd is to be fed. It should contain nutritional components which are vital to its organs so that the body can function in unison which prevents diseases and also heals itself. Finding the right diet means learning to look beyond the ordinary needs of the dog and addressing the natural requirements of the German Shepherd.


A good dry food would be the right diet for your German Shepherd as it will enhance the longevity as well as health of the dog. One should consider dry foods that are formulated for a particular life stage of the dog such as puppies, adults or senior pets. The ingredients may contain soybean, corn or rice along with chicken and meat as well as fish meal and it may also eliminate grains or be completely organic. Before choosing, and for better German Shepherd care, one may need to consult the breeder who could recommend what is ideal for your pet.


One thing is for sure, the German Shepherd, in spite of its big size, is not a particularly big eater and breeders even suggest feeding it one meal daily along with a dog biscuit in the mornings. One approach to the right diet for your German Shepherd may be to give it a balanced diet of a mix of dry food and mince and mutton flaps as well as some heart worm tablets. The German Shepherd may be fed food that contains proteins and should be as natural as possible and may also include herb supplements.


The right diet for your German Shepherd may include two ounces of boneless pork center loin chop that is baked, boiled or fried in olive oil. It may also include four ounces of soybean curd and eight ounces of long grain brown rice, two teaspoons of extra Virgin olive oil and a quarter cup of molasses along with two carrots and one cup of spinach. It may be sprinkled liberally with green bell pepper and there may also be four broccoli spears that are boiled and cut up. Such a diet would provide about 1160 to 1460 calories per serving.

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