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German Shepherd Stud Dogs

Our stud dogs at Nobleheim German Shepherds are among the best in the world, with prestigious and reliable pedigrees backing up their lineage. View any individual dog page for more information on their pedigree.


We are proud of our dogs, and offer their services throughout the state from our facility and ranch in Bells, Texas. These dogs have some of the most desirable traits found in German shepherds, and we expect them to produce healthy and high-quality litters of puppies for future families to love.


We pride ourselves on the excellence of our world-class dogs and believe that they make great additions to any family. All of our dogs are well behaved around people, and even other animals, like horses or cats, and raised with attention and care to become socialized and friendly companions.


Each individual stud dog’s history, including their parentage and information on previous show performance, working information and training, are available by clicking on the dog’s name. You’ll also find information on their personality, coloring and character as well.


For more information or any questions, call us at 903-965 5314 or 903-821 4992, or email us at


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