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The female German Shepherd is a delicate breed, maintaining a unique structure and attention that not many other breeds can hold claim to. It is for that reason the breed is highly sought after by owners looking for a dog perfect for the whole family. With that being said, Nobleheim is one of the best sources around for the highest quality German Shepherds out of West Germany.


For over 30 years Nobleheim has had only Top V / VA Rated German Shepherd Females that are schutzhund titled in Germany and AKC registered to bring the best possible quality lines ( Each female is “A” stamp (SV issued) hips and elbows . They are all KK1 (SV recommended for breeding) and have passed all the temperament tests the German SV require.) – Below, you can view the Breeding Females Pedigree Information that Nobleheim German Shepherds pride ourselves on.


Don’t wait – become an owner of a wonderful German Shepherd & contact Nobleheim today!


Retired Females

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