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Show Record

The dogs of Nobleheim German Shepherd represent the quality we strive for in our breeding program.  Our history, reputation and track record of producing World Class German Shepherds for generations separates us from the rest. We take pride in producing  German Shepherd puppies for not only work and show, but loving family members. We have bred dogs not only for the German Shepherd show ring, but also Regional winning Schutzhund dogs,  Therapy dogs, Competition obedience dogs, herding dogs, Police Service  and SAR dogs.


We offer reasonably priced German Shepherd puppies from the top 100% West German bloodlines in the World.  Our convenient location offers easy shipping for puppies and stud dog service, especially for Texas, Colorado, California, Georgia and all major cities in the United States and Canada.


At Nobleheim German Shepherds, we only breed to improve and/or maintain the world-class standards in quality, genetics, anatomy, conformation, disposition and health of our puppies. We have the expert knowledge of the pedigree profile of our dogs, genetic research in temperament and psychological history profile, intensive health back ground information on key health issues,  most of our dogs are proven in all phases of “titling”.


  • Schutzhund – 1, 2 or 3.

  • Breed Certification (approved for breeding by a breed warden).

  • Show Certificates and/or show ratings (judged in Germany).

  • Hips Certification – Hips certified.

  • The over-all structure

  • Superior temperament guaranteed in our German shepherd puppy

  • Natural working ability

  • Genetic value


Show Record
USA 2011 Seiger Show updates!!


  • Mozart vom Nobleheim received a rating of VP (VERY PERFECT and highest rating) with a very good critique from the judge.

  • Jitta vom Nobleheim received a rating of VP with a very good critique from the judge.

  • Eischa vom Nobleheim received a rating of SG in a very large and hard class with an excellent critique from the judge.


We are very proud of our youngsters at Nobleheim German Shepherds for showing very well in there first show and their highest ratings.


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