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Nobleheim Kennel

I started with an American bred dog and showed in AKC conformation and obedience for several years. I then ventured into the West German show lines. I was interested in Schutzhund work but had to have a beautiful animal as well as one that worked. I found the ultimate dogs I have always wanted in this quest – German Shepherds. They have superior temperaments, extremely beautiful, and make the ultimate companion dog.


I have been a veterinarian technician for over 25 years. I have had a great interest in the medical side of reproduction, nutrition, and basic health issues these dogs seem to be genetically predisposed to have. I have done extensive research attending several seminars a year from world experts in reproduction, nutrition, neo-natal care and training seminars in my journey as a German Shepherd Breeder.


I have been extremely fortunate to have made many great friends and partners worldwide as a German Shepherd Breeder. All of these people have greatly influenced me and shared their vast amount of knowledge of these spectacular dogs.


My two daughters are also active in my “obsession”. They attend many handling seminars, show my dogs and actively participate in breed surveys and showing other individual’s dogs. Our kennel is truly a family affair and we work together as German shepherd breeders. I am very blessed to have two daughters that share my love for German shepherds. My oldest daughter is my photographer! She is great with a camera and loves taking pictures of anything. Our puppies are raised with great care and are very well socialized. My three grandchildren are always out playing with the puppies.


Our German shepherd breeder kennel is located one hour north of Dallas in Bells, Texas. We have 12 acres of open field and woods with winding paths and creeks where the dogs are allowed to romp and stomp, we enjoy it as much as they do! Our German shepherd puppies and dogs socialized with adults, children, cats and horses.


We encourage visitors to make an appointment to view and play with these magnificent creatures God has given us to enjoy. Our German shepherd puppies are ready to meet you!


We can ship our German Shepherd Puppies to Livingston, New Jersey, Jackson, Mississippi, Kansas City, Kansas, Louisville, Kentucky, Charlotte, North Carolina, Orlando, Florida, St. Louis, Missouri, Richardson, Texas, Columbus, Ohio, Atlanta, Georgia…and the list goes on.


Nobleheim German Shepherds is willing to help you get your dream German Shepherd puppy shipped to you and your family no matter where you live.

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