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Pricing Schedule

Select: [$4,000]
Puppies for pet/companion/protection with excellent temperament 

Exceptional: [$4,000 - $4,500]
Show quallity breeding/schutzhund potential 

Ultimate: [$4,500 and up]
Show /breeding schutzhund “pick of the litter” top VA/V breedings

Nobleheim German Shepherds has been responsible for importing several VA Males and Females for show and breeding in the United States. Our Texas German Shepherd puppies represent the current championship show VA1 German Shepherd Seiger Males, Yasko vom Farbenspiel, Larus von Batu, Zamp Thermodos and Pakros d’ Ulmenta.  Nobleheim German Shepherds are Texas German Shepherd Breeders of German Shepherd Show dogs here in the United States and Germany. We maintain the highest quality standards in compliance with German Shepherd SV for the breeding and showing of our German Shepherd Dogs.


Our German Shepherd dogs are family raised and cared for. Our German Shepherd puppies in Texas are socialized to have fantastic temperament Good bone structure and are Red and Black in color.  We began our breeding program in World Class Breeding German Shepherd Dogs Rikkor Bad Boll, Neptun Bad Boll, Ursus Batu and Yasko Farbenspiel.  All our German Shepherd Breeding Dogs are German Schutzhund trained and titled. All Breeding German Shepherd Dogs in Texas meet the German SV Breeding requirements for the breeding of our World Class Puppies.  Our World wide associations allow us to import exceptional World Seiger German VA lines for our breeding program.

History of the German Shepherd

The particular qualifications that set the German Shepherd apart from all breeds are evident from the first moment in the history of the dog. The first domesticated German Shepherd were utilized for practical and essential purposes such as guarding and control of livestock. From the crude animals that helped early shepherds with their flocks evolved the German Shepherd. In 1891 a group of German admirers of this rugged, unrefined German Shepherd formed the Phylax Society named after the Greek word Phylaxis which means “to watch over or guard. The purpose of this organization of German Shepherd Breeders was to standardize the varied collection of sheepherding dogs into a breed of native German Shepherds with a fixed appearance and character. The Phylax Society lasted until 1894 but it’s purpose and vision were continued in the person of one man Max Emil Friedrich von Stephanitz, considered by many to be the the single greatest force in the establishment.


The originator of the breed was discovered by von Stephanitz on April 3 1899 while attending an exhibition of these herding dog. His orignial name Hektor von Linksrhein was changed to Horand von Grafrath and he was registerd as German Shepherd Dog S.Z.1 the first entry in von Stephanitz’s new organization Verein fur Deutsche Schaferhunde. This was the beginning of the national German Shepherd dog club known as the S.V. the largest individual breed club in the world. Horand proved to be an able stud and the traits that von Stephanitz prized were used by German Shepherd Breeders to be passed on to succeeding German Shepherds.


The breed is a noble, beautiful and talented natural athlete. The head is chiseled and strong.  The body is breed to be functional and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.  The breed embodies the qualities that most people are attracted to in humans: loyalty, bravery, independence, intelligence, and a sense of humor. Yet, the breeds most important attributes are its character and temperament.  The dog is a poised , confident, and faithful companion to man. The intelligence and aptitude for training of this breed are well known and this amazing versatilly makes this breed suitable for many specialized services.  The dogs natural protective instincts make the dog a guardian of home, property, or livestock. The dog is indifferent to strangers and does not give affection lightly but when its devotion is given, it is given for life.  This breed delights in serving as a companion, as a friend for children, as a partner of police and narcotics officers, and as a canine team member of our men and women in the armed services.  German Shepherd Puppies shipped to Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Arizona, California, Georgia, Chicago, or anywhere in United States. Our German Shepherd Dogs have room to work, on this beautiful acreage, as each of our German Shepherd Dogs with it’s trainer is exercised contributing to our German Shepherd Dogs health and well being.

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