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Breeding Program

Naturally, not all world champion German shepherds produce world class puppies all of the time. We strongly believe that your chances will improve with a established breeding pair as the foundation and the strength of your German shepherd puppy breeding program. We research and study both parents, their offspring’s, genetics, health and if possible any genetic faults in the the life span of the dog.


Obviously, we focus on many key points, but most importantly, the character and the personality of the German shepherd must meet all phases of the sound temperament.  This is a proven factor in the genetics of the pedigree of the German shepherd, the character is the fuel of the bloodline genes.


Each dog is unique in a special and personal way. It is the “pedigree” and character of the dog, the ability to be titled in all phases of Schutzhund, must be approved by a breed warden “certified for breeding” and naturally “show quality” with a show record, that makes the distinction when breeding or choosing your German shepherd. In order to achieve positive results you must know the dog first hand. This will enhance your personal knowledge of your dog and help to determine if she/he is breeding material that is suitable for an outstanding world class German shepherd.


The German shepherd is a working dog. He should have the drive to be able to perform these tasks. He likes challenges and thrives on working and carrying out his duties. He is confident and proud, enjoys making you proud of his abilities. You should never take this admired, affirmative drive out of your breeding program.


Once we have successfully mastered the traits of the breeding pair and found them to be suitable, we then carefully plan the breeding process for the purpose of improving the finer qualities of the breed and to compliment the dogs over-all genetic value.

Other Key Factors


  • Health, Hips and/or Elbows clear or (certified)

  • Temperament (sound and clear in head)

  • Conformation (Show Quality, including show standard in size)

  • Working (sports/schutzhund/titles)

  • Color pigmentation (deep black and rich red pigment)

  • Intelligent, fast learners — Eager to please their owners and family, including children

  • Well socialized with other dogs. Posses self confidence without aggression in social environment. Naturally protective of their surroundings, not excessive.

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