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Show Dog


But I don’t want a show dog, I just want a pet.  Do you require people to “show” their puppy?

Lets talk a little about the purpose behind showing.  First and foremost there is a huge misconception that dog shows are canine beauty contests.  Well, no, not really!  Judges are looking for individual specific qualities of each breed such as bone structure, correct coat type, correct bite, expression, performance, movement etc.  When all of these things are correct, the dog would then be a beautiful specimen of its breed hence beautiful.

Showing was originally intended and still today for the purpose of bettering the breed.  To better the bred, one MUST have a quality breeding program!  Breeders that are serious about “what” they are producing and those that truly love their bred, want only to produce true to the bred, healthy puppies with livable temperaments.  The ones that take this responsibility very seriously are the ones you will see dedicating their time and money to the show ring.  Showing is NOT just so that we can produce more show dogs for us and  others to show but so that our wonderful bred doesn’t die.  This enables us ALL to enjoy a pure bred true miniature schnauzer.  So in the end, yes, those of us that show truly enjoy it but it’s also because we see the bigger picture for our beloved breed and are truly saving its future.  Those of you that are simply looking for a great little companion get to reap the rewards by getting the opportunity to own a wonderful well bred dog.  I actually do not sell my puppies as show prospects nor do I place them with breeding rights.  My puppies do come with AKC limited registration meaning they are a registered pure bred dog but not permitted to be bred.  We just want them to live a full life as a beloved companion.  Selecting the right home for each puppy is just important to us as finding a reputable breeder is to you.

Why do you show your dogs?  Is it so you can get larger prices for your puppies?

Actually, puppy pricing has nothing to do with our interest in showing.  And we do NOT make any money showing….. we SPEND money showing.  :0)  Showing was first designed to assist breeders in bettering their breeding program as well as the breed & to view other’s breeding stock.  It still has the same benefit today but for many it has become a huge hobby.  Breed standard gives us a guideline to assist us in keeping the integrity of that breed intact. As a responsible breeder it is important to us to raise the best dogs possible so that you can have an amazing companion. Price is a reflection of many things and should not be limited to the care given to the puppies and the bloodline but the maintenance and care that should be given to the parents as well.  It should be easy to spot well cared for dogs when you visit a breeders home.  You can tell who puts money back into the parents and who doesn’t.  :O)

Pet quality verses Show quality seems to be a confusing set of words for those seeking a puppy as a pet.

When we say “show” quality, this does NOT mean this pup makes a better companion.  This simply means that this pup has what we feel it takes in “conformation” as well as “personality/temperament” to be a good show dog.  Temperament wise, the best show dog is the personality type that enjoys showing.  Of course we also want them to enjoy showing and not all personality types will.  For example, if a pup has an outstanding conformation but is a more laid back personality, this pup is more than likely is not suited for showing as it may not enjoy that type of atmosphere and would probably rather be just hanging out with its owner at home & would be sold as a pet.  There are many variables taken into consideration when selecting a prospect for showing.  On the other hand, when we say “pet” quality, this does NOT mean this pup is any less suited for a companion!  It simply means it may not have all the “physical” traits needed for conformation showing.  It can be just as beautiful and have just as wonderful of a personality therefor making it an amazing companion!  Another misconception is that “show” quality pup of a litter means the “prettiest” pup of the litter.  And because of this, people feel if they only get a “pet” quality puppy, they will not get the prettiest one of the litter.  This is NOT true!!   AKC shows are “conformation” shows, not  beauty pageants!  What if the “prettiest” puppy in the litter that also happens to have the best conformation is a pup we feel will be smaller than desired for showing or may go over the desired size for showing?  This means that awesome pup will be sold as a pet regardless of the qualities this puppy does posses.

I am not interested in a show dog, I only want a pet.  Do you offer lower prices for pet only?

Our puppies are sold as Pet ONLY.  As a labor of love we understand you are searching for a loving family member, not a show dog. Our goal in providing other families with a new little family member is to honor the breeds integrity & to do all that we can to ensure we not only raise beautiful dogs but healthy well tempered dogs. Showing enables us to provide you the best all the way around.

The information in this article was provided by a Schnauzer Breeder’s page.  Permission was provided to use this information.  Please contact me for further information if desired.  

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