Young Stars

At Nobleheim German Shepherds, we take great pride in our world-class German shepherds. Many of our dogs have great careers and become some of our “Young Stars.”


These dogs have been ranked in multiple competitions and have earned Schutzhund titles on multiple occasions. Our dogs are incredibly well trained and behaved, and the titles they have earned prove it. As a premier breeder of World Seiger German shepherds, our dogs come from a prestigious and well-documented lineage, with many of their parents and grandparents in their ancestry being proven competitors as well.


Our world-class facility located just 65 miles north of the Dallas-Fort Worth region ensures each and every dog is well cared for and trained to be intelligent, brave and loyal. They are faithful and dependable companions, and we can arrange transportation and shipping to locations around the country.


For more information on any of our dogs or on upcoming puppy availability, give us a call at 903-965 5314 or 903-821 4992, or email us at


Ursa vom Nobleheim

Sire: 2xVA (USA) VA1 (Hungarian) Tenno von Bellissimo IPO3 Kkl


Dam: V Estrada vom Nobleheim IPO1 KK1A

SG1 Quesie vom Nobleheim

Sire: V IPO3 Xabo vom Osterberger-Land


Dam: V IPO1 Issy van de Lentfert Hoeve


For additional stats click the link below:

(Pictured Above - SG1 Quesie vom Nobleheim)

(Pictured Below - Quesie's Sire Xabo) 

Vella vom Nobleheim

Sire: VA2 Fight vom holtkamper hof


Dam: V1 Yoko Ono Zum Kolbenguss daughter

SG Olivia vom Nobleheim

a Stamp normal H&E

Sire: VA Max vom Arlett IPO 3


Dam: V Felice vom Schloss Rugland IPO 1

Capri vom Nobleheim

DOB: 9/25/2015

Sire: V Uso vom Sandstein SCHH Kkl 1 


Dam: SG Rowan vom Nobleheim

SG Utz vom Nobleheim

DOB: 4/19/2014

Sire: VA Etoo aus Wattensheid SCHH3 IPO3 kk1a


Dam: V Yoko Ono zum Kolbenguss IPO1 kk1a

Click the link below for Utz's full pedigree:

Joey zum Helbenguss

co-owned with Christain Lang (zum Kolbenguss)

Sire: VA Kronos von Nurburgring IPO3 Kkl 1


Dam: SG 1 V Cherie zum Kolbenguss IPO1 Kk

VP1 (Nass 2014) Venus vom Nobleheim

DOB: 5/13/2014

Sire: VA1 Nino von Tonje SCHH3


Dam: VA1 Olina von Akrobat SCHH3

click the link below for the full pedigree:

V Fonzie vom Nobleheim IPO1 Kk1a

Sire: V Uso vom Sandstein SCHH Kkl 1 


Dam: SG Rowan vom Nobleheim

click the link below to see Fonzie's full pedigree:

SG1 Piper vom Nobleheim

Highest American bred female at the 2013 USCA Seiger Show

Sire: V Uso vom Sandstein SCHH Kkl 1 


Dam: SG Rowan vom Nobleheim

click the link below to see her full pedigree:

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