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Grooming Your German Shepherd:

A Good Diet Does Wonders for the Coat

German Shepherd care does not require a whole lot of bathing but regular brushing is essential and with a good diet one should be able to see the nobleness and intelligence in the demeanor of the dog. The coat would shine if given a proper diet and also prevents it from contracting skin problems.


The German Shepherd grooming profile requires moderate grooming which should be continued for eight to twelve weeks and maintained fortnightly. One would expect a well groomed German Shepherd to look and feel happy and for the purpose of grooming one would require tools and blades such as slicker brushes, pin brushes, natural bristle brushes, shedding blades, metal rakes, metal combs as well as a pair of scissors.

Grooming Tips and Use of Tools

For German Shepherd grooming, one would need to regularly brush and comb the dog twice a week so that the double coat is well managed. One should remove wooly hairs from the undercoat as well as the outer coarse guard coat. Mostly, the German Shepherd is known to shed all year round and for this one may use shedding blades during the German Shepherd shedding season.


Using the shedding blade requires being trained in its proper use and another tool one can use is the metal rakes that can be used to take out the matted undercoat that is commonly found in the neck, chest and thigh areas. After bathing the German Shepherd, one may use a modern high velocity dryer to take away the excess water and slicker brushes are very good for this breed for hand fluff drying. One should remember to brush in the direction of the hair growth.


Hair Cuts

One may also want to give groom the German Shepherd by giving him a hair cut and for this one may use a pair of scissors to cut away long hairs such as those found under the feet as well as other stray hairs around the feet. However, the German Shepherd must not be clipped for cosmetic looks since it may lead to serious faults. Instead, to make it look fluffier or fuller of coat, one may brush the hair in the opposite direction to its hair growth and follow it with light brushing in the direction of the hair growth.


In case one does want to give the German Shepherd a hair cut one can use thinning shears to make its overall appearance look neater. Also, selective thinning may help in making the German Shepherd look heavier boned. Remember to cut the nails on the feet of the German Shepherd regularly. The toenails, ears as well as teeth need your attention and one should check the nails every week while brushing and thus help avert it getting split or broken nails that may be left unattended and grow too long.


One may also groom the German Shepherd by cleaning the ear wax every week and an ear solution would do well for this purpose. Check the teeth of the German Shepherd every month as well as when it goes for its check up at the vet’s. Hard cookies may be a good idea to keep the teeth and gums in optimum health. Once the owner understands the importance of grooming, he would also need to know what you need to groom.

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