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How to Find the Best German Shepherd Puppies in Texas!

German Shepherds consistently make the AKC’s top list for popularity because of their loyalty, protective nature, intelligence, and good looks.  Because of these traits, it is no surprise that German Shepherds are highly sought after.  When it comes time to search for your perfect puppy, how does one find the best German Shepherd breeder?  Well, we have got you covered!  In this post we are going to share why Nobleheim German Shepherds is the most reputable German Shepherd breeder in Texas and beyond!



Shirley McMinn – owner and operator of Nobleheim German Shepherds – started her career with animals as a veterinarian technician in 1985.  Her love for the breed began when she worked hands on with German Shepherds, learning the importance of body composition, diet, and overall health.  After years of working with German Shepherds, Shirley decided to start her own breeding program.  Because of Shirley’s knowledge and expertise, she has mentored several German Shepherd breeders that you see online today.  Shirley is committed to maintaining the highest standards of health, longevity, and temperament of the German Shepherd. 



Nobleheim German Shepherds is conveniently located near Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas. Their kennels are a geographically convenient location for customers all around the United States.  Shirley has made various arrangements to get puppies to their forever homes including by ground or air; however, many families choose to visit the Nobleheim kennels in person to pick up their new fur baby.



Everyone knows the Texas heat can be dangerous!  Shirley knew it was imperative to invest in a 30X40 ft. climate-controlled shop for her adult German Shepherds and puppies to stay safe. The kennel sits on a rural plot of land offering her German Shepherds adequate space to grow, learn, explore, play, and train.  Shirley describes her breeding program as a labor of love and part of that love includes providing her German Shepherds with the best home environment possible. 


Shirley has sold countless German Shepherd puppies since the early 90’s and one thing is for sure; she has made an impact on families across the United States.  From adorable personal photos to hand written letters, emails, and thoughtful Google reviews, there’s a number of happy customers who repeatedly come back to Nobleheim because of their top-quality German Shepherd puppies.  Please feel free to

CLICK HERE to see the reference page or CLICK HERE to read our Google reviews.  


To ensure you are getting the best puppy for you, be sure to check the history of the breeder, see where the breeder is located, and check to see if they have a dedicated kennel for their dogs.  Also, be sure to check references.  Doing your research will help you narrow down the breeder that is right for you.  

Because of Shirley’s devotion to the German Shepherd breed she has been able to create a top-notch breeding program that produces the best German Shepherd puppies in Texas and beyond.  If you are searching for the perfect German Shepherd puppy, look no further than Nobleheim German Shepherds.

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